I am an actor and voiceover artist with 30 years' experience in the entertainment industry and a portfolio of authentic British English voiceovers. I have recorded TV Commercials, BBC Radio Drama serial, audiobooks and internet fiction, corporate voiceover, extensive E-Learning and animation voices. I can voice your Children's resources, Audiobooks, Cartoons and Games, B2B presentations, Explainer Videos, Tour Guides and any straight narration, story or character. Known for my clear, British sound and huge repertoire of children's, comedic and eccentric characters, I am a versatile voice talent and a skillful narrator.

Please enjoy browsing my portfolio of work, or if you're pushed for time, go straight to Show reels. Whether it's your first time sourcing a voiceover or whether you're a busy producer knowing exactly what voice you're after, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

I began voiceover work, voice acting and narration back in 2006. My training and work as an actor helped me get regular work, especially in fiction and children's narrations, radio drama and animation.

Clients I've Worked For

My flexible, warm and decidedly British English voice has subsequently been put to good use across a broad range of non-broadcast and commercial projects from lifestyle, retail, financial services, heritage and the arts, to education, travel, tourism and business . Clients and friends think of me as a touch eccentric, others a bit posh! Suffice to say my" Britishness" probably filters through to the voice whether I am speaking RP, heightened or period RP, neutral, Hampshire (native), Yorkshire (semi-native) or one of my ever growing range of regional characters for kids! I am as English as a nice cup of tea or a naughty Punch and Judy Show.

I have, undoubtedly, done the sort of narration, branding or character you are looking for today. I can change my style and tone to suit you so if you don't hear what you are looking for as yet, contact me with a short extract of script and I'll send you a sample in the style you specify.

Are you looking for a Corporate Video Promotion in any of the following styles - engaging, authoritative, BBC, corporate or conversational? Watch my Corporate Promo for Sirius Minerals here.

Do you need a How To guide, Infomercial, E-Learning or Explainer? Listen to audio projects for My Knowledge Map, Health SOS Ltd, and Audio Description / Audiobook project The Magical Garden of Claude Monet, to learn more.

Need to spice up an immersive history exhibit or inject some drama into your arts, culture or heritage guide? Explore my grizzly narration for the York BoatTime Tour and the Sound Guides European Travel series in Rome, Venice and London.

I am frequently asked for children's characters and narrations, audiobooks and internet fiction, radio drama and classic literature recordings too.

Listen to some of my extensive range of children's audiobook and animation characters including Strumbie Island, Paws on the Moors, Little Red Hiding Wood, Little Joe and Magnetica, the Two-headed Sea Monster, to name but a few. There are some dreadful vocals too - I'm acting my songs so I did it on purpose! In fact I can sing properly and have done so twice at the Royal Albert Hall.

Here's some of my training to date:

  • RADA Professional Course in Radio Drama
  • Actors Centre (various Radio Drama short courses)
  • Voiceover with Bernard Shaw, A1 Vox and The Showreel.
  • LNEA Licentiate in Voice and Performance (NEA)
  • Voice Care Network UK (various)

My love of spoken English, Literature and Theatre aroused my curiosity from a very young age. I am passionate about reading and narration. I'm still fascinated by the sound and power of words. Let me bring your words to life. Many clients have worked with me on more than one occasion so I must be doing something right.

Here’s what clients have said about me:

"Martine is a consummate professional...I have worked with her on a wide range of projects"

Roger Harvey, Author and Radio Producer

"...enchanting and illuminating."

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet, by Laurence Anholt, The Guardian

"The story was pitched at just the right level."

Culture Manager, Birmingham Central Museum and Art Gallery

"...the voice of the quintessential British grandmother."

Jodi Glassman, Producer, ADM Productions

"We were all thrilled with the recording. Efficient, professional, that BBC sound we wanted and an absolute joy to work with."

Matt Parsons, Sirius Minerals

"Martine's a godsend for a production company with high output. She can get through thousands of words in a day."

Patrick Potter, Producer, The Content Lab

"You have a wonderful color...and a compelling narrative quality that makes people want to listen."

Susan Andrews, Creative Script Writer and Voice Talent, SoundStrategies

"Martine is a wonderfully versatile actor...particularly talented at telling stories."

Producer, Spoken Volumes

"Wow, marvellous..."

Anne Curtis, Shoofly Publishing

"Her voice is ideal for fiction and drama. We could listen to her for hours."

Producer, Brownfox Talking Books

A highly versatile voice talent, Martine Dunn's voice oozes warmth and character. It is relatable and reassuring, comforting and communicative, eloquent and engaging, educative and exciting.