My Studio


My studio is a completely re-purposed office garden room with broadcast quality audio equipment, including Red Sub Audio PC, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd generation audio interface, AKG C214 xlr condenser microphone and full acoustic treatment.

How I deliver:

  • My promises to you - To deliver the highest quality audio, with agreed pick- ups or revisions, for your complete satisfaction.
  • To deliver your audio on schedule, in our pre- agreed file format, usually WAV or mp3, by email, CD or file transfer.
  • To make the whole process as stimulating, stress free and enjoyable as possible. I believe creative work should be fun.

On location:

I can also travel to studios. I can drive or take the train. I have good rail networks close to my home.

I can record on location. I have recorded in London, York, Derby, Leicester and Scarborough, to name but a few. When I do have the luxury to work on location it is an absolute joy! It gives the voiceover the chance to work with highly experienced sound engineers and production crew, perhaps other voice actors, the writers and producers and often you too, if you wish to sit in and direct the session.

I often finish ahead of schedule when on work and all that!
I am very well prepared and fully warmed up prior to recording and once the recording session begins I am focused and efficient. There are sometimes last minute changes. Please don't worry. I am a highly experienced sight reader and have an instinct for phrasing. I will accommodate your changes with ease and scripts can have additions or edits. I take it all on board very quickly. It's your time and budget, so I don't waste it. Your script is in safe hands.

Not to say that I don't love a nice cuppa and a bit of banter when the job's done. Perhaps a biccy too!