Animation / Multiple Role / Early Years / SEN


A BETT Award Finalist, this beautiful animated cartoon was recorded on location in Derby for Granada Learning and Q and D Multimedia. All 12 voices were voice acted by yours truly in this 15 minute dialogue- only island adventure. The characterisations required a sense of humour, physical freedom and a well warmed up voice!

Vocal flexibility was crucial here playing both male and female, a variety of ages from toddlers to grandfathers and a mix of standard Northern and standard Southern accents too. Accompanying an emotional literacy package developed by Q and D Multimedia, each character's personality had just one emotional characteristic. Mimi was Selfish, Granddad "Bump" was clumsy, Doll was miserable and had a chronic cold and Billy was generous. There were greedy gluttons too, a shy, nervous child, a selfish bully and supportive parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced solo voice acting assignment with the riotous strawberry eating contest, a running race and the school choir. Great fun was had all round, physicalizing each character in the vocal booth to create each distinctive personality trait. Loads of hilarious body language and face pulling went on to assume and sustain those accents and character studies.

Writer: Ronnie Longbotham /Producer: Joe Butcher / Director Laura Cryer

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