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"Paws on the Moors" is a one stop shop of information for dog owners visiting the moors, and part of the wider Moors for the Future partnership project.

Over the course of a year, Barney, a young Collie-Cross learns about the delights and some of the dangers a dog can find on and around the moors. Fresh from a rescue home, Barney makes new friends, including two experienced working dogs that help transform the mischievous Bingo, a Lakeland Terrier who likes to bite off more than he can chew.

I played two parts, Jean, an owner from Manchester who had a few lessons to learn about picking up after your dog, and Tessa, her posh and worldly wise Chocolate Labrador. With lots of doggy antics and explanations on removing those pesky ticks, this was a highly professional full cast production and huge fun to be part of.

Produced by World Wide Pictures andrecorded on location in Soho, London.
Original Script: Pamela Butler.
Original idea: Dan Boys.

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